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When I was in the 7th grade my parents asked me to meet with their therapist. Talking to a therapist, especially your parent’s therapist, is just about the last thing a 13 year old girl wants to do, but eventually I gave in. The experience wasn’t very positive and I recall leaving the session not feeling very hopeful, and that the therapist wasn’t very relatable.


Fast forward a few decades with a few challenges in my life and feeling like I could benefit from the help of a professional. A friend referred me to a therapist who helped me see some things I was missing, gave me tools to take better care of myself, and helped me find the courage I needed to make healthier decisions. It was life-changing. After having this liberating experience I wanted to help others find their freedom to live their best life. When we become physically ill, we seek the help of a healthcare professional. Why would we take less care of our mental and emotional well-being?


My office is a guilt-free, shame-free zone. There is laughter and sometimes tears. My passion is to help those who are struggling to heal, and find the peace they seek. I feel fortunate that every day I look forward to working with amazing people who entrust me with their care.

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