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"Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up. We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

- Brené Brown -

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path to healing


We all want to live our best, most joyful life. But many of us experience challenges that keep us from getting to this place we seek. I help my clients identify and clear the emotional roadblocks that have been holding them back, freeing them to live a life of their choosing, improve their relationship with self and others, and find peace. I use brain-based therapies that are proven to uncover and address issues that talk therapy can take years to heal. In doing so I help adults, teens and children break free from negative patterns that have been keeping them stuck. Often traumas are at the root of these negative patterns. By offering Brainspotting, a cutting-edge therapy that evolved from a psychotherapy treatment known as EMDR, I help my clients access, process and release trauma. This is life changing. This is freedom.

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My clients will sometimes hear me joke in therapy that my favorite coping skill is to ‘minimize and normalize.’ They also know it’s the exact opposite approach I take to therapy. Ignoring negative experiences in our lives allows those experiences to have lasting effects. Traumas, both big and small, are often carried into adulthood and effect how we relate to ourselves and others. By identifying and healing those traumas, my clients are able to process and release negative experiences that cause anxiety, depression, addiction and unhealthy habits. This freedom allows them to live happier, healthier lives and experience the peace and joy they seek. In addition to Brainspotting, I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotionally Focused and Attachment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, Al-Anon principles and other modalities. 


Some therapists prefer not to work with couples, I think because they feel it’s just too challenging for them to wade through what sometimes feels like years of pain, infidelity, addiction, or simply disconnection. I believe working with couples and families is some of the most important work a therapist can do. Negative experiences and the effects they have in our lives show up most in our closest relationships. At the same time, these relationships often provide the path to our most profound healing. I help my clients gain insight into the negative habits that effect their relationships and help them improve communication with the people they love most, enabling them to experience the intimacy, attachment and love they seek. This can help free them and their family from unhealthy cycles for generations to come.

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We often hear the expression 'kids are resilient.' I'm not a fan of this saying. They may appear to be, but at what cost? The philosophy that we need to ‘toughen kids up’ to create strong, resilient individuals is simply wrong. Emotionally healthy, resilient kids are kids that feel consistently loved, esteemed, and have their emotional needs met by their primary caregivers. This is how kids feel a secure attachment and connection to their family. The older kids get, the more they need to feel connected to their peers as well, while their family continues to be their 'home base’ for love and support. Sometimes kids experience trauma in the way of bullying, a learning difference, an illness, injury or abuse. I can help your child process traumatic experiences so they can maintain the secure attachment they need to feel connected and thrive.

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